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Nov 23, 2021

We loved having these sweet friends in front of the camera again this fall. This time we got to meet some of their family as well. We spent time frolicking in a bit of fall foliage at the Lurman Woodland Theatre – it was a great photo spot! Here are a few of our favorites […]

Aug 22, 2021

This sweet family gave us a reason to visit DC on the most beautiful summer day! While Frank goes into the city for work everyday, I had not been to DC in over 2 years. I forgot how much I love that city! All the history and stunning architecture and of course, shooting special memories […]

Jul 15, 2018

If you follow me on Facebook, or follow our business on Instagram, then you may have noticed some pretty sweet photos of Frank and I in a peach orchard taken earlier this spring. The orchard is located at The Barns at Maple Valley Farm, a new wedding venue in West Virginia that is owned and operated […]

Jun 25, 2018

While on our latest adventure to Arizona and Utah, we attended a wedding for a sweet childhood friend in Scottsdale. Her older sister and I were inseparable growing up, so her family is like family to me.  This trip was a wonderful opportunity to relax and reconnect with the so many loved ones that we […]

Jan 26, 2017

As the last installment of our January “best of” series, we are sharing some of the cutest moments with the kiddos and their parents. We don’t get the opportunity to do too many family sessions, but always love it when we can make it work for some super sweet families such as these. Enjoy!