Jun 8, 2021

Happy Little Boudoir

Did you know? We offer BOUDOIR photography…and I’m so excited about it! This is Alicia, by the way. And I’m the one that has expanded the business to include boudoir. I started thinking about this idea when I had my own boudoir session during the summer of 2018. It was the most empowering, exciting and confidence-boosting experience. I couldn’t stop thinking about it afterwards and finally talked to Frank about the possibility of branching off on this journey. He was super supportive (as usual) and off I went trying to make this dream a reality.

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot some boudoir sessions with some amazing women over the last two and a half years. Some of which were virtual sessions shot during the pandemic, others were outdoor shoots and I just recently renovated a studio space in our home! Boudoir is a great gift for your groom on your wedding day…hint! hint! If you are considering a session for yourself or would like to learn more, scroll down and check out some of my work. 

Stop by to visit the new website or visit my social media platforms to see more: 




And click here ( to join my ladies-only (private) VIP group! Here is where you can learn more about a boudoir experience for yourself, see some more of my work and bond with some super cool ladies! I look forward to having you along on this journey! xo -Alicia



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