Apr 5, 2020

A Note to Our Couples / Information Related to COVID-19

We are truly living in some unprecedented times. These last few weeks have had me experiencing a mix of emotions. From shock at the state of the world, to wonder in the kindness and strength of humanity; from fear and uncertainty to contentment in the simpler life. There have been project lists and moments of unimaginable productivity…and hours spent binging the latest and greatest of Netflix. I’ve also found myself in a state of constant worry. Worring about my loved ones in healthcare on the front lines fighting this virus. And worry about Frank in his full-time job as a first responder. Above all, I’ve been holding on to hope. Hope for the health and safety of all those I love. Hope that everyone will find kindness in their hearts to stay at home for the greater good. And above all, hope that we will see a better, kinder, more authentic version of humanity on the other side of this pandemic.

We have delayed making a public statement about our business in relation to the current state of the world, mostly due to the fact that we weren’t sure what to say. You are watching the news and are adjusting to a new life in quarantine just as we are. If you are a wedding vendor or (formerly) a spring 2020 couple, you’ve also been busy rescheduling your events for the fall in the hope that life will resume normalcy by then. So much is uncertain right now, but what we do know is that we are all in this together. 

Please know that if you are faced with rescheduling your event, we will be there for you! If we are available for your new date, we will update your contract and move forward with planning as usual. And if we aren’t available for your new date, we will reach out to our network of photographer friends to help you find someone amazing for your day. 

If you are faced with rescheduling your wedding, here are a few tips that we’ve learned so far in this process.

  1. Check in with your venue first. They will likely be the ones to dictate whether or not your wedding will need to be postponed. They have to follow the state rules on maximum number of people gathering in one place. If you are expecting a change will need to be made, work with your venue to identify a few possible new dates. Then,
  2. Determine which vendors are available for your new date. Call around to your current vendors and see which dates work for the majority of your vendor team. Choosing the date that works for most, will make the need to alter plans a little smoother for you. If you are going to need to hire new vendors…
  3. Ask for recommendations. If you have some vendors that can’t be there for your new date, ask them if they can recommend someone else for your day. Or ask some of your other vendors for recommendations of businesses that they have successfully worked with before. And finally,
  4. Celebrate your original wedding date. There is no reason why you have to pretend that this date that was so important to you for months, is no longer important. Have an intimate quarantined celebration, or a selfie photoshoot to commemorate the date. Whatever it is, just take some time to do something special for yourselves!

I hope that you all keep your chin up, keep hope in your hearts and look forward to better days ahead. If we are all in this together, then we will all be ok. Sending big (socially-distanced) hugs and wishing you and your loved ones good health and safety until we meet again. Xoxo -A&F



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