Dec 17, 2019

Behind the Scenes with HLLP

It’s that time of year again, and one of my favorite posts! I love going through our wedding galleries at the end of the year to look through all the behind the scenes shenanigans that transpired throughout the season. Frank is usually quicker to catch the BTS action faster than me. Some are test shots, some are things we do to get the shot “just right” and others are just plain silly. Today, we welcome you along on a little journey behind the scenes with us…

As our clients know, it all starts with your engagement session. We do these sessions as a complimentary part of our packages because we think it’s important for us to spend some time with our couples prior to their wedding day. During this session we can get to know each other better, see how you interact as a couple in front of the camera and give some posing instruction to help get out that in-front-of-the-camera-akwardness prior to your wedding day. I’m usually the one giving the up front instruction and helping you to get things just right…

In your wedding day timeline, you’ll see that we will set aside time for “details” shots or “set up” for the ceremony and reception. We build in time to sneak off and get your details just right and test out the lighting for the main events on your day. This is the most important behind the scenes time for photographers on a wedding day and is what allows us to successfully get all those pretty little details!

[Left]: this is my favorite BTS shot of Frank from this season. He’s looking all GQ….and he’s holding my bag like the sweet, sweet husband he is! (Insert all the heart-eyed emojis here)

And then there are the things you see us doing in between shots to get things just right! Posing your wedding party, fixing the dress, giving instructions, carrying the bouquet when it’s not needed for a photo…even helping grandma get to and from a seat in between family sets. There isn’t anything we won’t do to help keep the day moving along as smoothly as possible!

We can’t forget the fan favorite veil shots! You know the ones that look like a gust of wind hit you at just the right moment to create just the right shot from just the right angle. Well, this is real life people! We have to work to create that magic! And that “work” usually means me running like hell to get out of the shot and cropping out a portion of my body afterward…haha!

And there you have it, a behind the scenes peek with HLLP. It’s been a great 2019 and we are so grateful to all the couples that trusted us with their wedding day memories this year! Looking forward to next year and celebrating with our 2020 HLLP couples. Wishing you all a happy holiday season and a healthy new year! xoxo -A&F



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