May 16, 2019

Happy Little Tips / The First Look

Wedding season is upon us! But seriously, how is it even May already?! One of the big questions couples face when planning their wedding is:

Should I or shouldn’t I do a first look?

Some couples come to a decision fairly quickly because one party is adamant about how it should be. Other couples who aren’t necessarily attached to either option have a harder time deciding which is best for them. Today’s post is dedicated to helping you make that decision. Here are some pros and cons to doing a first look.

For the “First Look”

If you want to be at your cocktail hour. Or are the type of person that doesn’t like to rush or is always running late….a first look may be for you. 

If your family is able to arrive early, well before the ceremony, or if you have A LOT of family photos on your list. Or if you have a large wedding party…a first look may be for you!

When you choose to do a first look it adds more time to your wedding day. It affords you the opportunity to “front load” all of your pictures so that after the ceremony, you are free to relax and enjoy your day. It also allows for some backup time in case you are running behind schedule, so that you can finish up your photos and still have time to join your cocktail hour.

It also allows time for you and your spouse-to-be to have a few quiet, intimate moments together before everyone sees you walking down the aisle. You get to enjoy each other’s reactions without 150 of your closest friends and family watching.

Against the “First Look”

If you are traditional and always dreamed of seeing your significant other’s reaction from across the aisle. Or if you are worried about other wedding guests seeing you prior to your ceremony entrance…then a first look may not be right for you.

If you have a short ceremony or extended cocktail hour, or if you don’t plan to have a lot of family photos, then you may not need to plan for a first look. 

If you aren’t interested in mingling during your cocktail hour, or want to steal those quiet, intimate moments together after the ceremony, then not having a first look will give you that opportunity!

Whatever your choice, know that it’ll all work out either way. That’s why we work together on a photography timeline so that we can fit in all your photos around the schedule that works best for your wedding day. First look or not, we’ll still make sure there is time to get the shots! And we are here to help you with this decision as well as any other questions you may have along the way! xo



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