Jun 25, 2018

Arizona Desert Photo Adventure

While on our latest adventure to Arizona and Utah, we attended a wedding for a sweet childhood friend in Scottsdale. Her older sister and I were inseparable growing up, so her family is like family to me.  This trip was a wonderful opportunity to relax and reconnect with the so many loved ones that we don’t get to see nearly enough!

Prior to our trip, I convinced my friend (and fellow photog) to do a desert photoshoot one of the nights we were in town. Ok, maybe it didn’t take too much convincing! After years of following some amazing Arizona-based photographers, I wanted to experience the glowy desert light for myself!

She has some of the cutest kiddos ever…like seriously, you’ll see for yourself in a minute! They had their outfits all picked out and were super excited for our photo adventure. Here are some of our favorites from the shoot.

And a big thank you to Jorie Gallagher Photography for capturing a few images of Frank and I in that glowy desert light, too! xoxo



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