Jul 9, 2015

Family Beach Vacation / Fenwick Island, DE

Frank’s family has been going to Fenwick Island for a week each summer for the past 25 years. For those of you who don’t know it, Fenwick Island is perfectly situated between Rehoboth Beach, DE and Ocean City, MD. Bookmarked on each end by some popular, well-traveled and crowded beaches, Fenwick Island is such a gem! Most of the beaches are private and pristine making for the PERFECT mid-summer getaway.

I was welcomed into the family tradition barely a month after Frank and I started dating. It’s hard to believe that was just three years ago!  Since then, we have enjoyed some fun times and made some great memories! One of our greatest joys over the last few years has been watching our niece and nephew grow up at the beach. From being afraid to step on the sand to not being able to get them out of the water, it’s been so fun to watch them discover new things!

Frank and I were able to sneak out to snap some photos on Sunday afternoon. Here is the view from the beach house!

Photo Safari Sunday Beach_0001

Fenwick Island Beach

Fenwick Island Beach



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